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How to Invest in the Global Shale Oil and Gas Boom

The EIA study isn’t the only one pointing to a global shale revolution.
The latest report by IHS Global Insight states that the 23 most promising global shale formations hold about 175 billion barrels of extractable oil, with worldwide shale fields containing seven times the recoverable shale oil contained in North American basins. Continue reading

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Nigeria fuel corruption

Every day, fuel importers drop off 59 million liters of fuel. The country consumes 35 million liters daily. That leaves 24 million liters of oil available for smugglers to export, paid for by government fuel subsidies. This costs the Nigerian people roughly $4 billion yearly, according to Reuters. Continue reading

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Crude Oil: The Best Commodity Play for 2012

Crude oil may not only be the best commodity play for 2012, it could prove to be the best commodity play of the next three to four years, soundly beating both gold and silver. Continue reading

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