Kurdistan Crude Oil

Offering $30 discount on PLATT prices, Buyer has to travel to Amman, Jordan to sign with the mandate and then to Kurdistan.

Nigerian Bonny Light Crude Oil

We have 2 Million Barrel Bonny Light Crude (BLCO) Available Now loading we can supply you with BLCO TTO weekly or monthly.

We have bonny light crude oil $4 discount from reliable U.S company. Our direct supplier and buyer seeking the best value in the crude oil and natural gas markets.  One of our key partners is with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Our facilitator is recognized as a dynamic, leader in facilitating trade, transport, storage, distribution and optimization of the global oil and off-pipeline natural gas markets. Our Focus: • Best Value through the entire oil and gas supply chain?• Top Standards of professionalism and experience Our supplier has a strong relationship with the international business community and government organizations at different levels. Procedure 1. Buyer issues LOI to xxxxxx . 2. Seller issues contract confirming all terms and conditions agreed and to be followed by both buyer and seller. 3. Buyer countersigns the contract and returns via email back to the seller 4. Buyer and seller lodge contracts with their respective banks 5. Seller issues allocation documents for buyer to verify with the NNPC 6. Buyer issues Pre-Advised LC to seller bank confirming readiness to issue LC upon receiving 2% performance bond. 7. Seller issues full POP to buyer to include –          Ocean Clean Bill of Lading –          Certificate of Origin –          Certificate of Authenticity –          Certificate of Ownership –          Authorisation to Sell –          Master receipts for Samples –          Master receipts for documents –          Cargo Manifest 8. Captain issues ETA and the seller orders the ship to depart and get ready to leave for the destination port. The transponder will be turned on in order for the buyer to track the ship on route to the destination port and will be allowed access to communicate with the ship’s captain. 9. Ship arrives to port of discharge 10. Buyer organizes the dip test at port of discharge at his own expense 11. Upon verification of the dip test the seller will issue final CI for payment 12. Buyer pays by Mt103

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